Anti-social Behavior

Anti-social Behaviour Solutions

Anti-social behaviour is becoming a growing problem that is taking up so much time for the housing associations and their staff. The issues and dealing with ASB cases can be stressful and time consuming trying to find out the facts and reacting to them as they arise. We believe we can free up a lot of the time involved by gathering the facts for the housing associations and supplying them live reports of any incidents that we attend or document with the final result in that being the Noise Abatement of the PSNI.

The result of our service is a detailed report that a housing warden/ housing manager can use in stopping ASB. All our staff at Insec NI use the latest technology, fully trained to deal with problem tenants on a face to face basis and a solid report can be generated with times and dates and the actions taken. In essence a report from an independent security company that will give the housing manager/ warden the raw facts and information to deal with these issues quickly and promptly. We run this service for several associations and believe we are making a huge difference in the time that is involved and the information gathered.

  • Deal with ASB issues as they arise (trained team that will react on a face to face basis).
  • Live reports and actions on dealing with incidents
  • Accurate information (alleviates weardens/ hosuing managers time on allegations of ASB).
  • 24 hour call out service.
  • Chaperone service to hostile schemes for housing staff and contractors.
  • Professional and friendly service from a highly trained team.

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