New Void Technology

New Void Technology

InsecNI's new electronic void property management system is a fraction of the cost of using steel shutters on a property and is quicker to install. It gives 100% alarm coverage and response with a minimum of a week's contract with no installation fees or strip out fees. This is the future of securing void properties at an affordable price.

Void Properties
  • Secure the property without using steel caging (helps the property look occupied or soon to be and keeps the property visible to the public).
  • Installation takes approximately hour.
  • Full Alarm Response.
  • State of the art alarm panel and 2 dual Tech Sensors communicating to our 10 second video clip of intrusion (will confirm an intruder and prompt the PSNI for an actual intrusion).
  • Smoke alarm and flood warning system.
  • No drilling or hard fixing.
  • Can be armed and disarmed remotely (so contractors can gain access and Insec take the responsibility or arming and disarming using passwords from client as a trigger).
  • Full warning signage supplied saying Alarm Monitored by Insec NI.
  • Fire head/Flood warning function available.
  • Alarm Response within 20 minutes.
  • Confirmed Alarms Take Priority.

new void property security northern ireland

The system requirements
  • Mains power in house/residence.
  • Battery pack option available if there is no mains power on site.
  • Keys for installation and Alarm Response.

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