InsecNI Goes Green!

InsecNI plans for complete paperless system for 2012

Insec already runs 80% paperless operations using the latest iPhone and iPad technology and the latest apps. Intergrating a new powerful Poweredge T410 server and the latest Apple mini server; Insec now has complete control and access to all of their documents, forms and templates using the Apple hardware.

It has taken 12 months of investment and intergration, but is now running at 80% complete paperless.

Insec now plan to acheive the ISO 14001 - Envirnomental Accreditation. It is planned to have the system running at 90% paperless by the first quarter of 2012. Patrol teams already complete client reports, checklists and other client requirements utilising the new technology. Even company vehicle handovers and keyholding checklists are completed on an iPad.

Creating a paperless system does not just help the environment; it speeds up reporting to our clients and communication to other members of staff. Information is the key to the success to our business growth and our excellent customer satisfaction.

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